Growing up, Louis Anderman was the cool kid next door. Today he’s the mix master upgrading cocktails with his line of bitters — hand crafted, beautifully and deeply fragrant, refined potions that wake up your drink and your palate.

The Collection

You wish he lived next door. 

The Miracle Mile Man

The Miracle Mile Man

And you want this man to be supplying the bar that makes your drink. His collection is an offering of flavor highlights and balances born of solid food knowledge. To state that “he cooks” is a ridiculous understatement; he’s encyclopedically educated and extensively experienced in almost everything in the culinary realm. From him you could get (and should take) solid advice on any aspect of food culture. The work of Michael Pollan, definition of the term “umami,” the first taste of yuzu citrus, the best recommendations on culinary tools, visits to virtually hidden and rare sources of spices, and a superb dinner of boned chicken — crackling crisp and stuffed with sticky rice and sausage– are just a few of the experiences had under his aegis.

Meals and drinks with Louis will always mean f.amazing food

Batch Testing

Exquisitely blended and balanced

Never miss a chance to have a drink with Louis- razor-bright humor that invariably makes you both howl with laughter and unable to remain embarrassed that he absolutely kicked your ass in yoga earlier that day. But if you can’t get a seat next to him at dinner, make sure his touch is in the drink you lift to toast.

Valentine's Drops

Valentine's Blend

He’s making Los Angeles (hometown 90036, particularly) proud, and mixologists (the world over) very happy.