Prime Rib

Family will be pleased

Marble Proper

We throw down

The Forsytes have their saddle of mutton. Our Standard is the standing Rib Roast. Bless those butchers at Huntington Meats.

  • Prime Cut
  • Grass Fed
  • At least five rib bones across and left on the rack! (cutting the roast off of the rib rack and then tying it back on is a F. pointless heartbreak)
  • Absolutely untrimmed. Leave the gorgeous fat on, for the love of all things great (the succulence of the roast) and small (the drippings for the gravy)

Down to business

Nothing less will serve as my preferred equivalent to a birthday cake. It’s become the tradition for celebrations and family gatherings. Aside from which, it makes wicked French Dip sandwich leftovers, and the lure of it cold and rare from the icebox late at night is like a siren to a sailor.

  • Huntington Meats is the hero of countless family dinners; knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. They do remember faces and the meals you planned! It is the usual experience for them to smile and ask intelligent questions, make excellent recommendations, issue kind advice, skillfully trim and wrap all my choices in paper. And all this without judgment of the fact that I’m so f. happy to be there and so excited at the meal to be made that I’ve found myself doing an involuntary happy dance (like a small but insane display of DDR) in front of the wrap-around glass enclosed meat case. Once, I may have experienced a joy-triggered auditory hallucination of the opening horns of Jay-Z’s ROC Boys that would have made Oliver Sacks proud. I never visit the Farmers’ Market without stopping at my butcher’s shop.

Other favorite items from Huntington:

  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Black Forest Bacon
  • Flanken (bone in) short ribs. The Real Deal.
  • Ground Beef with prime fat, in a variety of ratios
  • Marrow Bones
  • Tri-Tip
  • Rib Eye steaks